Meditation isn’t falling asleep. And I mean that both literally and figuratively.

It’s not a practice to hide away from the conflicts of life. It’s there to plug in to the gloriousness of it. It isn’t a way to shut out the world or make us impervious to its pain. It’s there to wake us up. To make us more alive. And to see the interrelatedness of life.

We feel calmer, not because we insulated or got away for a moment, but because we tapped into our true sense of self and purpose. We tapped in to a more expansive state, and we saw the good. We saw that we were okay.

Meditation taps us to an energy source that unlocks through our desires, and it opens us to our courage to confront the shadows and to feed the i’m-possibles. Because when we tap into that true nature of ours… into our becoming, turning our backs on it is not an option.

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