My body, my mind, my awareness

I always recognize the pain in my body first before my mind catches on. My mind is more desensitized. Which means, when I ignore my body signals, my awareness around that topic or event dulls, and by the time my mind catches up to it, it gets stuck and enmeshed in the fear and scarcity of letting go, or in the shame of my complicity,

What if…

…we focus on learning rather than teaching? …we could act as stewards rather than bosses and masters of our children, fellow humans, the animals, and the Earth? …we could watch others blossom without wondering how they will impact us?…we could mind our beeswax and take our own risks to express who we are rather thanContinue reading “What if…”

My feelings guide me.

My tears show me what I long for, what I’ve lost, and what I’ve gained. My anger reveals my values that, harnessed, will change the world. My fears tell me what’s holding me back, where I play safe, what I need to unleash. My shame implores me to let go of external judgments, to notContinue reading “My feelings guide me.”

Vision for tomorrow? What about vision for today?

The question I find more compelling is, what do I want my life to look like today?
I look to what’s bothering me. It gives me a clue into my own attitudes about myself and about the world as well as what’s causing me the most pain. I believe that each of our personal angst is special. It prompts us to become change agents for our own unique sh%#, and in that, not only can we find our way out, we become unique experts in them.

Meditation isn’t falling asleep. And I mean that both literally and figuratively.

It’s not a practice to hide away from the conflicts of life. It’s there to plug in to the gloriousness of it. It isn’t a way to shut out the world or make us impervious to its pain. It’s there to wake us up. To make us more alive. And to see the interrelatedness of life.

Being yourself

Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be. –Alan Watts Otherwise, we’ve got something to measure up against and our attention goes to where we are falling short. Being yourself is being in alignment with your essential nature, which, because we may not feel used to beingContinue reading “Being yourself”