This is like a spiritual bootcamp

Spirituality is to know oneself.

Right now, we get a chance to feel and be okay to sit with the myriad of emotions that flow through us at any given moment.
We get to practice patience with ourselves, with the situation, and with others.
We get to learn to carry the pain that is out in the world.
We get to appreciate the essential workers.
We get to mourn what we’ve lost.
We get to see why we are making the choices we do.
We get to see if we are doing something for our own self-preservation or for others (neither is wrong, btw).
We get to see what we prioritize.
We get to see what businesses we support.
We get to see how we isolate or stay connected, who we reach out to, and who we don’t.
We get to learn to let go, to let flow during times of uncertainty, and to find meaning in each day.
We get to choose to sleep in or get up early, work out or not work out, shower or not shower, pray or not pray, self-care or numb out.
We get to cry, to be angry, to be hopeful.
We get to see the darkness and appreciate the silver linings.
We get to emerge out of this – no matter what the future holds – pared down to our essentials, knowing what we had to maintain and/ or create that gives us joy, meaning, and true connection. This understanding and deeper knowing of ourselves will certainly play into the new normal.
There is a word, shuniya, which means nothing and everything simultaneously.
This bootcamp has brought us down to nothing to become everything and one, all at once.

Do you feel it?

Published by Savitree Kaur

I'm a meditation and mindset coach. I teach you to use morning meditation and daily habits to bring purpose and energy into your life.

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