Learning to trust yourself

I often get asked how one comes to trusting oneself.

The first thing to get is that this question comes from fear of owning the decision, so the answer doesn’t necessarily make the process feel any less scary until you accept that the answers to the important questions in your life are already inside of you because your soul knows. Your soul is not bound from the limitations of our ego, or of time and space, and is therefore spontaneously connected to Truth. Also, you can’t really make the wrong choice. This statement is debatable until you drop the learned judgments.

You learn to trust yourself by trusting yourself.

It’s like building a muscle. It takes regular practice to turn this into a habit and into something more “natural”.

When I’m in front of a client, I put both my hands out with elbows bent at my sides, palms facing up, and I explain that I think of my yes/no question. Then I clap one hand into the other. By the time the hands come together, if my yes isn’t resounding, it’s a no. Any more thought put into it is my ego stepping in to analyze, justify, and back peddle into the comfort zone.

That’s it.

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