Sitting silent then sulking? Really?

Are you making sure that you are voicing your preferences when your group of friends, co-workers, or family members, is deciding on something (like where to eat, what movie to see, who will be responsible for what part of that project)?

It’s not fair to sit silent then sulk after the decision is made.

We might stay silent because we don’t want to be a pain, and we want to see ourselves as flexible. But that isn’t flexible. Nor is it fair to the group. Because at the end, you make behavioral choices based on the fact that your preferences weren’t considered, and your resentment often comes through sideways. Have you ever been in a situation when you found out later that someone behaved that way, and then you wonder, “why didn’t you tell us??”

Don’t be that person. Give the people around you the opportunity to consider you as you would do the same for them. Voicing your wants is the way to honor yourself and the people around you. And everyone will be happier for it.


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