Let’s talk about Authentic Relationships

It’s been a while since I’ve written here because I’ve been blogging and working on my company site, Urban Yoga Chicago. It has been a struggle for me to decide which site I should make my blog home, or when to share where. So I’ve been hanging out there for several years.

Here I am now. Ready to set up dual residency.

I decided to start a conversation here specifically on cultivating authentic relationships. This may sound woo-woo to some of you, but I believe not having this is what keeps most of us feeling unfulfilled and continually experiencing the falling-short type of disappointments from ourselves and from others. I haven’t mastered it (I don’t know that I ever will), but I have been working it, and it’s been both a painful and most rewarding ride so far. Both parts I celebrate, because even pain is rewarding when we can see it for what it is and listen to it.

With each writing, I will focus on a small aspect of authenticity, giving you the opportunity to put each part together into a whole on your own time. Because cultivating authentic relationships can feel like climbing Mt Annapura, and it must be taken at your own pace. I’ll keep each blog as short as I can so it’s bite-sized. This won’t be easy for me, but I’m telling you now as a way to hold myself accountable.

This conversation will be intimately intertwined with the yoga and meditation practice I teach, because this practice is so effective in transforming the relationship with Self, which is the critical first step to having authentic relationships with the world.  

I’m just going to start somewhere and see there this takes me.


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