That which I resist.

I have often found that what I resist most, when I surrender to them, I feel more balanced, grounded, and connected.

I often resist looking at my finances.
When I am on top of them, I feel grounded.

I have found that when I practice kriyas (kundalini yoga sequences) that I resist most, I get more balanced.

I have found that when I don’t resist drinking water and taking abhyanga (full body oil massage specific to my constitution) and nasya oil (for the nasal passages), I don’t dry out from the inside out.

When I don’t resist constructive criticism, I learn a lot and become better connected with the teachers around me and with myself through my vulnerability.

When I resist self-care in the form of diet, exercise, mind-body hygiene, and being coachable, the rest of my efforts eventually hit a wall that disconnects me from the nourishment that I need to feel joy in my core being.

When I surrender to them, I’m like a well-oiled being, joyful, because first and foremost, I know that I am on my side.

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