Spinal Flex Series

This spinal series video was requested by a student. Thank you– Please keep them coming! The spinal series is a quick and easy way to maintain flexibility in our spine, which supports our movement, our structure, and our spinal cord (which allows our bodies to move and our organs to function). A nice, flexible spineContinue reading “Spinal Flex Series”

Anecdote to Stress, Fatigue and a long To-Do List

  Historically, when I felt anxious, overwhelmed, and completely stressed out, I would go into my soft addictions, which, for me, are eating, talking on the phone, and napping. The one thing I can tell you for sure is that I never felt replenished or energized afterwards. My stressors did not go away. In fact,Continue reading “Anecdote to Stress, Fatigue and a long To-Do List”