The bridge between fear and truth

Have you ever stopped to think why, when you start to get a little ungrounded (though you may not see it yet), someone tells you to breathe? And does that suggestion make you insane?

Our breath is the bridge between our physical body (perceptions, the finite) and our Soul (Truth, the infinite).

We can live out our lives never thinking about the breath, and our body will automatically breathe for us… though we risk having stressors dictate how we breathe– shallow and erratic. Without the full inhale, the life force that is carried through the breath will not reach below the diaphragm to move through and release the stress that is held there, and without the full exhale, we leave the stale air in our lungs leaving little space for fresh air to come in.

We live the way we breathe.

When we experience staleness in our day, and in our lives, changing the breath to make it full and complete can offer the freshness it needs to move forward and up. It can’t hurt to try– it doesn’t cost a dime, and the upside is limitless. It keeps us grounded and connected to something bigger than what we see before us.

FEARbreath is consciousness

Need a pranayam (breathing exercise)? Try this. Let me know how it works for you!


I am who I am and that is that,

I am who you are looking back,

You are who I am, can you imagine that?

-Guru Singh Khalsa

Do you know what makes relationships so fun? Knowing that the other person is simply a reflection of you. There is no ‘other person’. Which means, in essence, we are playing with ourselves. Ha-ha!

Relationships are mirrors, reflecting the current status of our relationship to Self.

When I am disconnected with myself, so are my connections to others.  Likewise, when I am fully in my own space, my connection to others couldn’t be better.

Everything is feedback.

What I experience through my relationships reveal if I am lying to myself or if I am living authentically; if I am giving myself away or if I value myself. This awareness is a gift, for it allows me to change something in myself when I don’t like what I see in the other person, or in my connection with the other person. It is like realizing that I am in a dream, and then finding that I can control what I do in my dream. Taking control of our dreams gets easier with practice. Same of our lives. Anyway, I am all that I have in my control, though my thoughts and actions seem to ripple out and affect change in everything else around me. More feedback! Sometimes I like what I see, and sometimes I don’t. On the other hand, to try and change another person is like trying to comb my hair through the mirror… gotta laugh at myself for trying.