What is self-care

Self care is what we do that gives us what we really need: a fierce love for ourselves and those around us, a voice that advocates on our behalf and on behalf of others that need advocation, and an inner strength that doesn’t allow our highest values to become hijacked by external pressure.

On discernment

The more validation I need, the less discernment I have. -Kurt Hanks It is to know when to step back and relax and when to stretch into the discomfort zone. When to make the schedule work and when to let it go. When you’re ready to move on and when you’re about to stir upContinue reading “On discernment”

The bridge between fear and truth

Have you ever stopped to think why, when you start to get a little ungrounded (though you may not see it yet), someone tells you to breathe? And does that suggestion make you insane? Our breath is the bridge between our physical body (perceptions, the finite) and our Soul (Truth, the infinite). We can liveContinue reading “The bridge between fear and truth”


I am who I am and that is that, I am who you are looking back, You are who I am, can you imagine that? -Guru Singh Khalsa Do you know what makes relationships so fun? Knowing that the other person is simply a reflection of you. There is no ‘other person’. Which means, inContinue reading “Relationships”