The simplest way to feel good

We meditate, do yoga, eat as well as we can, try and remember to get enough sleep and drink enough water. Pay attention to, and spend time with, the people we love. We read books, journal, listen to podcasts, see our doctors and therapists, and we try to get in enough “me” and “we” time.
All those are good. Just remember the thing that determines whether or not they work…

Yoga is Dead, and I’m taking a blog break.

It made me feel so encouraged about the potential trajectory of yoga because it opens up the conversation, and hopefully a pathway towards inclusion and wellness as being defined both internally, by our own sense of coming home, rather than by what we currently envision a yoga practice to look or sound like, and externally by approaching yoga as social, political, and both uncomfortable and the most rewarding.

Moving forward: does motivation create action? or vice versa?

We let our fears get the best of us, and we need to figure out how to get the best of fear. Listen to your thoughts. Are they dwelling on the excuses, reasons, obstacles, and exhaustion? Stop it. Observe your body. Are you holding tension anywhere? Release it. Ask yourself: what one thing can I do right now? No matter how small, stop the judgment and do it with full abandon.

It is what it is…

There are memories in my mind, proof in photos, and even in conversations with those that shared the same dreams with me. Sometimes the bad feels bad because I feel like I should miss that dream more than I do. I’ve learned to trust that this is yet another pivotal moment that I’m supposed to be a part of, and I get to decide how.

Feedback puts you (back) on track

I make mistakes all the time, and sometimes I want to defend myself, but I don’t. No reason to explain why I can’t get it right…that’s really not the point, and I know that. Though as I write this, what hit me is that I can commit harder. I only hadn’t because… wait for it… “it doesn’t affect me.”

Regenerate and rock your work

Get fresh air. Play. Find laughter. Serve the people around you. Get in touch with your sadness and let your tears flow. Let things go, you’ll be okay. Know why you’re letting things in. Stay hydrated. Find your humanity. At the end of her podcast called Unlocking Us, Brene Brown asks every guest a numberContinue reading “Regenerate and rock your work”

We create networks when we have kids. But what about one for our inner children?

When we start having kids, we start making efforts to reach out and get together with other new parents. Going from no kids to having kids, depending on our personality, this can feel like a lot of work, but we all do it because we need the support. It gets easier, and we start schedulingContinue reading “We create networks when we have kids. But what about one for our inner children?”

It’s worth figuring out what it means to find balance.

Balance is a funny word. I’ve often heard it used in context with people trying to hold me back from doing the things I care so much about. Yet, at the same time, as someone who has done so much healing work, I know how important balance is. It’s not so much that balance is a funny word as language is a funny tool. We filter words differently in our conversations with others, and for different intentions. I’m sure I’ve used balance as a reason to not take the risks that I need to take…