Support is all around us. I learned to receive it.

One woman said that my tone was silly, uncomfortable, and didn’t reflect who I really was, and that she was a little embarrassed for me as she watched the video. If I only received feedback like the second one, I’d question if I was pushing myself to the edge. The first one was definitely harder to swallow for sure, but made the second one that much sweeter. I can’t discount either because neither came from fear, scarcity, or trolling energy

The single most effective tool

is our breath. It turns on our rest-and-digest parasympathetic response, our calm, our clarity, and our spirit. Sit with your spine tall, close your eyes, and breath through your nostrils, including on the exhale. Expand the body on the fullest inhale you can make and breath into your solar plexus (just below the diaphragm).Exhale asContinue reading “The single most effective tool”

What Self Care really looks like

My 16 year old daughter teaches me so much on many levels. This is Labor Day Weekend– a long weekend to soak up the last bit of summer before school starts back up for good. What does she do?  On Friday night, while I was out and trying to check in with her, she doesContinue reading “What Self Care really looks like”