What if…

…we focus on learning rather than teaching? …we could act as stewards rather than bosses and masters of our children, fellow humans, the animals, and the Earth? …we could watch others blossom without wondering how they will impact us?…we could mind our beeswax and take our own risks to express who we are rather thanContinue reading “What if…”

On dignity and poverty

Dignity is being worthy of respect. Of being human. Of mattering.
When we feel that in ourselves, we move and act with a different energy than we do when we don’t feel it.
When we offer it to another, we move and act with a different energy than we do when we don’t offer it.
So do they.

Come from love. It’s loud, persistent, and non-violent. It gets the job done.

If you feel swallowed up by anger
where instead of being able to harness it with love,
more energy goes to hating the derivative crimes over the original,
or towards protecting bystander fragility (this isn’t compassion or empathy),
be careful.

#blacklivesmatter and what to do

I know I’m not qualified to talk about this. Anything I can say feels as empty as politicians’ words when they say that their thoughts and prayers are with us. But I am going to try because a wise young person told me you gotta take the risk of making mistakes, saying stupid things, and being called out to become the ally you need to be.