Setting the tone for yourself

How you go to bed really matters. Don’t go to bed with problems on your mind. Because you are creating feelings and beliefs that you have problems, and you take that to bed with you and right into your subconscious mind. It doesn’t work it out during sleep. Have you ever woken up and said, thank God I brought that into my sleep! I woke up and my mind totally worked it out! I woke up feeling great this morning! Yay! No.

I love you

I love you because you exist. In physical form, in thought, as an idea, you exist. I get to relate to myself through my experience of you. You give me the chance to evolve. Whether you give me strength, challenge my tolerance, make me question myself, cause me to experience a great sense of loss,Continue reading “I love you”

How we experience things may boil down to 2 things.

Lights on or off, your room looks the same. The difference is, when the lights are on, you can see where everything is. Though you might be able to navigate your room in the dark, the experience is simply different. Nothing else has changed, just that there is light, or there isn’t. Life is theContinue reading “How we experience things may boil down to 2 things.”

Happiness conspiracy theory

A couple of days ago I inadvertently added a new folder to my android wall called Starred. Curious to see what was in there, I opened it up to find the list of contacts that I have -yes- starred: the important people in my life that I wanted immediate access to.  It made me smile.Continue reading “Happiness conspiracy theory”