I love you

I love you because you exist. In physical form, in thought, as an idea, you exist.

I get to relate to myself through my experience of you.

You give me the chance to evolve. Whether you give me strength, challenge my tolerance, make me question myself, cause me to experience a great sense of loss, or remind me that I am indeed lovable and loved, it is through you.

It is through you that I get to check my own beliefs, attitudes, generosity, reactions, boundaries, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, patience, depth of service, and I am sure there’s more.

The word Valentine was derived from valens, which means worthy, strong, powerful. In that we exist to remind each other of our light, our humanity, our worth, our strength, our power, you are my Valentine. Thank you. No matter what is happening, I will always try to remember our service to each other. And even when I have trouble remembering, I am certain that, at some level, I know I love you.

How we experience things may boil down to 2 things.

Lights on or off, your room looks the same. The difference is, when the lights are on, you can see where everything is. Though you might be able to navigate your room in the dark, the experience is simply different. Nothing else has changed, just that there is light, or there isn’t.

Life is the same way. We can decide to see, or not see, all of the beauty and gifts of life.  I acknowledge that there are chemical imbalances in the brain that can impact our faculties, but for many of us, it’s pretty much our choice.  I will argue whichever we choose is the right choice, for us, because that choice gives us the experience we need at that moment in time.

clarity and abundance

I went through a terrible time in my life, and I remember sharing my story with my brother afterwards. I ended my story with, “but I am so grateful for what I went through because it made me who I am today,” to which he responded, “But did it have to be thathard?”

For me, at the time, it did have to be that hard. Unfortunately. I was so stubborn. I needed it to kick me in the ass and wake me up.

Now, I no longer want it to be that hard.

I’ve learned that there are two words that I need to hold as action verbs for the lights to stay on, so that I may experience clarity and abundance in my lifeAttention and Gratitude.

I must pay attention to the things that I want and to the things that are working in my life, and have gratitude for all things in my life, as they take me to where I ultimately want to go. Even in those times where it seems like things aren’t working out, those experiences also pave the road to make space for the awesome things to come. It happens every time… when the lights are on. When I turn them off- there are more “lessons.” Which, alas, I guess I needed.

On this week of Thanks: THANK YOU.

HAR HARAY HAREE WAHE GURU! May we be guided by Infinite Creativity, manifesting in our lives in a way that is unique to who we are.

May we be free from the obstacles of illusion,And be led to thy shores of fulfillment.
May we know what to do, where to go, who to talk to, and what to say,
May we dance in our light,
Celebrate and live our Truth,
and inspire others to do the same.

Sat nam.

With love,

Happiness conspiracy theory

A couple of days ago I inadvertently added a new folder to my android wall called Starred. Curious to see what was in there, I opened it up to find the list of contacts that I have -yes- starred: the important people in my life that I wanted immediate access to. 

It made me smile. I stared at the list for a while, and I realized how lucky I was to have these amazing people in my life. Then I felt this incredible gratitude for the Universe, and how it is always conspiring to make us happy… that unconsciously I had created this folder; or that the Universe created it for me. To allow me to take a moment in my day to see what I have.