Staying on point with purpose and the state of the world.

Everyone always needed healthcare. Everyone always needed to eat. Everyone always had a right to live. With dignity. When shit happens, the most vulnerable are the ones most affected… first. Priorities always mattered. Civil unrest and individual health are interrelated.

Success is the purpose of the thing fulfilled

Fulfillment comes with the feeling that I am living my purpose. I may not always be clear on what that purpose is; I just know I’m living it by how joyful or how scary it is. When I’m not, when I veer off, I feel it. When I make a decision away from my purpose, I don’t feel fulfilled. I’m tired. I start hurting. I get resentful. I feel broken. I feel like I am living for someone or something else. I feel like I’m wasting my time, and this has nothing to do at all with feeling productive, because fulfillment has to do with feeling the utmost joy.