Dear Sadhana and You (my community), thanks for the forklift. Sincerely, needed it.

I borrowed this slightly revised title from a newsletter I wrote last Spring about an all day meditation course called White Tantric Yoga (WTY), and I thought, this is totally what I am feeling right now about my morning Sadhana practice!  

WTY is known as “the spring cleaning of the subconscious mind.” In Chicago, this event happens every April. Similarly, morning sadhana is a daily clearing of the subconscious mind. I don’t know about you, but I can use a DAILY. The sadhana that I practice, called the Aquarian Sadhana, consists of a 20 minute prayer called Japji (Song of the Soul), followed by about 30 minutes of yoga, followed by 62 minutes of chanting meditation. Sadhana- whether you are doing it for the first time, or re-committing to it-  works on you. Things will shift in your life. Sometimes things get messy before they get better. But they do get better. And the greatest blessing for me right now is that I have the gift of a group to practice with, which I have taken advantage of by joining them almost every morning.

Sadhana has been my forklift. Equally, so has been my community. We celebrate each other, and we hold each other up. We help each other see what we need to see, and this includes our blind spots as well as our super awesome spots. Our friends are here to uplift us; to show us what we are capable of, and to hold us in that space. We can worm and wriggle, because things may get uncomfortable, but deep down we know that we are worming and wriggling our Selves into our greatness.

True, we can only look to ourselves to make us whole, no one can do that for us, but this connection to others absolutely makes a world of difference. So much, that it is said that we can only go as far as the 5 people closest to us (so choose your community wisely). At the very least- we know that we are not alone in our quest.

Experiencing pain is a part of being human. The question is, while you are in it, while you are sad, heartbroken, confused, afraid or angry, do you know that you are still perfect in your unique, delicious way? If yes, then go into your human-ness and feel what you feel knowing that your feelings do not define you. If you have self-doubt, then reach out. Connect with the people that show up for you and hold you high. Because their vision of you is Truth.

Sadhana is a powerful boost for elevation. But in the end, what we need is each other.

Love, Savitree

This Sunday: Chanting, Yogi Tea and Icosium Kafe

One of the challenges to finding something you really really love can be finding a way to share it with others. And we want to share what we love because (a) we need the community support to continue being with it, what, with all the demands on our time, and (b) we know others will love and benefit from it too. It’s not nice to keep something good to yourself… right?

Yogic chanting is one of those things. OK. I’ve done some stuff in my youth that made me feel more comfortable in my own skin, more open and aware, kinda happy, and more receptive to things around me. But chanting is legal, it does all of the above, and there aren’t any serious negative side affects. I should tell you, however, that there are side affects. Possible short term side affects may be a feeling of high, happiness, emotional disorientation, feeling that you are grounded, sadness, a good time, we-are-all-one-ness, questions about current state of personal affairs, and more. Long term affects might include: feeling of inner peace and groundedness, healthy spontaneity, connection to your Self, clarity, ability to sit in silent meditation, and answers.

Chanting from time to time is nice, and when there is a kirtan, definitely go. It’s a wonderful time of communion with yourself and with others. You know how great it feels. Imagine doing it regularly.

Since the beginning of this year, a group of us has been gathering at Las Manos Gallery every other Sunday morning to chant. Since it’s only February 1, this means we only got together twice so far. This Sunday will be the third. Will you join us? Since I’ve described sort of what it’s like above, I won’t go into more about it here, but I do have to share something else. It’s about Yogi Tea. We have two 2-quart thermos pump pots that are being passed around each gathering so that another person can take a shot at making the next yogi tea for our tea time following our one-hour chant. Each person makes it differently. Last time, Sait made it (thank you Sait!!!), and we learned something new. You not only have honey, maple syrup and agave as natural sugar substitutes. Sait used an entire onion, IN ITS SKIN. I’ve added onion to my soups to sweeten, but never thought of using it in my yogi tea. And his tea was delightful. Having had Maureen’s tea, some of us are now using 15 cinnamon sticks instead of 5 or 6 because hers was so fantabulous.  No matter the version, by talent, or by grace, each batch is incredible.English: cinnamon bark Cinnamomum verum. Franç...

Ok enough. We would love you to join us. Bring friends. As I said earlier, it’s not nice to keep something good to yourself.

This Sunday, February 5
8:15-9:00 AM chant followed by yogi tea time
bring your own mug (BYOM)
bring your own meditation cushion or mat (BYOMC)
Las Manos Gallery
5220 N. Clark St.
(just north of Foster on the west side of street. pay-to-parking is ample)

ONE MORE THING: this Sunday, after tea time, we are going a few doors down to Icosium for a yummy Algerian Crepe breakfast. $6 per entree, one extra dollar if you want it to be gluten free.

With love,
Savitree Kaur
for Urban Yoga Chicago