The bridge between fear and truth

Have you ever stopped to think why, when you start to get a little ungrounded (though you may not see it yet), someone tells you to breathe? And does that suggestion make you insane? Our breath is the bridge between our physical body (perceptions, the finite) and our Soul (Truth, the infinite). We can liveContinue reading “The bridge between fear and truth”

Breathe how you want to live.

Breathing is something that can automatically happen for us, OR we can take control. So… photo credit: Major Clanger via photopin cc …breathe what you want in life! If you desire fullness, breathe fully. If you desire intention in your life, breathe with intention. If you desire letting go, exhale completely- don’t leave any staleContinue reading “Breathe how you want to live.”

Anecdote to Stress, Fatigue and a long To-Do List

  Historically, when I felt anxious, overwhelmed, and completely stressed out, I would go into my soft addictions, which, for me, are eating, talking on the phone, and napping. The one thing I can tell you for sure is that I never felt replenished or energized afterwards. My stressors did not go away. In fact,Continue reading “Anecdote to Stress, Fatigue and a long To-Do List”