Regenerate and rock your work

Get fresh air. Play. Find laughter. Serve the people around you. Get in touch with your sadness and let your tears flow. Let things go, you’ll be okay. Know why you’re letting things in. Stay hydrated. Find your humanity. At the end of her podcast called Unlocking Us, Brene Brown asks every guest a numberContinue reading “Regenerate and rock your work”

Why the Aquarian Sadhana

This post originally written on 11/7/2007 by me on blogger. Why the Aquarian Sadhana The Aquarian Sadhana, done on a regular basis, will change one’s life. It is the most incredible discipline I have ever experienced. I believe that this practice will help anyone overcome whatever the challenge. How does one make decisions? You mayContinue reading “Why the Aquarian Sadhana”