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Prior to becoming a yoga practitioner*, I was an avid gym-thusiast. I visited the gym 6 days a week, doing 60-75 minutes of cardio Monday through Saturday, and an hour of weight training 5 days a week. It was all or nothing for me.

I am grateful to have found yoga, which I took on with the same all-or-nothing approach. I am grateful because it gave me things I didn’t fully realize that yoga would give:

(a) a reserve of energy– even though my previous work may have offered me a healthy sense of accomplishment, the feeling of depletion is something that I, like many, often experienced. Yoga fills me with a reserve of energy that is unmatched by other forms of exercise (or stimulants like coffee).

(b) equanimity– what this means to me is that I can show up and stand up to stressors without getting frazzled, undone, or overreactive. Evenness of mind is a big ally. Yoga can change the negative self-talk, develop the neutral mind (which helps us from taking things personally), and help us see clearly and through a broader lens.

Yoga took me on a journey into Ayurveda, whole foods cooking and a number of powerful self-empowerment tools (relating to boundary setting, stepping out of comfort zones and understanding what made anything happen for me), all of which I am passionate about sharing. Working with these tools helped me see how practical, fundamental, sustainable and accessible these practices are in creating a happier, more intentional life.

It also helped me navigate a very difficult time in my life when I lost so much and while my children were very small (1 and 5 years of age)– my marriage, my house, my savings, and life as I knew it up to that point. I attribute my solid practice for helping me approach my (challenging) relationships in a way that was most equitable, least damaging, right for me, and sustainable. More than 10 years later, I can confidently say that in hindsight, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. And I attribute so much of it to the fruits of my meditation practice. For me, yoga (meditation) is not about what cool thing I can do on the mat. It’s about how it serves me off the mat.

I specialize in working in individual sessions to bring to you actionable, daily tools that can help take you to your ideal (where you want to be). With the challenges of a busy, multi-faceted life, it is important to start from your real– where you are today— and work from that place, and on a timeline, that can best support your goals.

*I am KRI certified in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation.

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