Savitree Kaur

I’m a Meditation Coach.

I specialize in helping clients move from responsibility-overwhelm (they’re good at it but ready for less) to living into their next version of themselves.

I guide my clients through a process that disrupts outdated thought and habit patterns and replaces them with new ones that are aligned with how they want to truly live their lives.

The process includes simple habit stacks to first shift their physiology and activate body intelligence. This can involve breathwork (pranayam) and short meditations to shift the negative self-talk and balance out their body systems (nervous, immune, glandular). Personal success becomes less dependent on white-knuckled will-powering and instead leans deep into their natural desires and modes of being. This meets the client where they are and builds from their inherent gifts and resources. I guide my clients to their inner compass and provide the support and resources they need to step into their desired outcome.

Other tools I may share with clients include basic yet powerful practices derived from the Ayurvedic tradition (to support good digestion and Joy), Circadian Rhythm (to support the nervous system), Journaling (to strengthen communication with the Self) and Calendaring (to crystalize values, priorities, and desires). These resources bring the wisdom of ancient practices into daily life and deliver equanimity and a deeper trust in Self.

What People Say

“When I think of Savitree, I think of warmth, and kindness itself. Seeking guidance from her I was always amazed at her capacity for being able to deliver exactly what you needed to hear, exactly when you needed to hear it, and in a totally non-judgmental manner.”

– Jan T, London, UK

What I have received from just 2 months of weekly private sessions is much more than I could have imagined. I hoped to find a way to move out of the clutter and spinning my wheels that frustrated me in my business life as the director of a non profit creative arts organization in Florida during the school year. Through my work with her I have found a way to begin to translate and integrate the calm focus of yoga into my biz life. She has the ability to put me in touch with the real truth of what was holding me back and gave me real concrete tools to move forward and reach the goals that have seemed elusive to me. I have always had a good sense of myself but Savitree helped zero in on those aspects that were limiting my possibilities and wasting my time. Her insights and skill in helping me to articulate exactly where and how I needed to make the changes for a more successful and productive business and personal life have been invaluable.” -Susan Caruso, Director, Sunflower Creative Arts, Boca Raton

I cannot think of a better teacher, guide, or companion for this journey than Savitree Kaur. I have had the privilege to work with Savitree both as a student in her classes, as a private student, and as a professional colleague. Savitree is an extremely knowledgeable and masterful teacher because her own personal practice is the unwavering foundation and fabric of her life. She is compassionately and intuitively present for her students. Savitree has an almost magical ability to infuse ancient knowledge and apply it as a living, healing art in our modern, day-to-day lives. She is able to use it and transmit it to her students as a tool for transformation in the present moment. Savitree’s intuitive ability to understand what’s going on with her students on all levels — mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual — in order to guide the person on the path to heal and to grow, is extremely powerful. I felt my own personal body transform through working with her, as I released deeply held emotions and patterns, and rebalanced and strengthened both my nervous system and my physical body. As deep as this work is, doing it together with Savitree is a joy.” – Laura P, Skokie, IL

“Allies CAN (Savitree’s group) and Savitree’s coaching have been a marvel in my life. I feel like my life has been on an accelerated path with all the support and encouragement from this group. For me, it has touched on personal and career goals and has left me with incredible inspiration. The personal coaching has helped me unearth some personal blocks and taught me to work through them in order to keep moving gracefully towards my goals. Her 1:1 meetings have been in-depth and energizing. She really gets right into the core of things. One example has been with my business… Savitree has guided me to become aware of my thought processes that can be destructive and helped me let go and work with those thoughts so I can continue building a successful business. With the help of a mentor, life can be more full and rich. Being in the group helped me to open up and realize that we can all help one another to excel in life.” – Margaret P, Glenview, IL