Violence, no. Destruction, yes.

Anger through love says what you see is unacceptable and hideous, and your NO needs to be so clear and strong that it shifts the tilt of the Earth. Together, we can destroy what is unacceptable. But we must understand that we, too, have that hate inside us. We can feel it, it destroys us. It disempowers and makes us helpless and more divisive.

Setting the tone for yourself

How you go to bed really matters. Don’t go to bed with problems on your mind. Because you are creating feelings and beliefs that you have problems, and you take that to bed with you and right into your subconscious mind. It doesn’t work it out during sleep. Have you ever woken up and said, thank God I brought that into my sleep! I woke up and my mind totally worked it out! I woke up feeling great this morning! Yay! No.