This Sunday: Chanting, Yogi Tea and Icosium Kafe

One of the challenges to finding something you really really love can be finding a way to share it with others. And we want to share what we love because (a) we need the community support to continue being with it, what, with all the demands on our time, and (b) we know others will love and benefit from it too. It’s not nice to keep something good to yourself… right?

Yogic chanting is one of those things. OK. I’ve done some stuff in my youth that made me feel more comfortable in my own skin, more open and aware, kinda happy, and more receptive to things around me. But chanting is legal, it does all of the above, and there aren’t any serious negative side affects. I should tell you, however, that there are side affects. Possible short term side affects may be a feeling of high, happiness, emotional disorientation, feeling that you are grounded, sadness, a good time, we-are-all-one-ness, questions about current state of personal affairs, and more. Long term affects might include: feeling of inner peace and groundedness, healthy spontaneity, connection to your Self, clarity, ability to sit in silent meditation, and answers.

Chanting from time to time is nice, and when there is a kirtan, definitely go. It’s a wonderful time of communion with yourself and with others. You know how great it feels. Imagine doing it regularly.

Since the beginning of this year, a group of us has been gathering at Las Manos Gallery every other Sunday morning to chant. Since it’s only February 1, this means we only got together twice so far. This Sunday will be the third. Will you join us? Since I’ve described sort of what it’s like above, I won’t go into more about it here, but I do have to share something else. It’s about Yogi Tea. We have two 2-quart thermos pump pots that are being passed around each gathering so that another person can take a shot at making the next yogi tea for our tea time following our one-hour chant. Each person makes it differently. Last time, Sait made it (thank you Sait!!!), and we learned something new. You not only have honey, maple syrup and agave as natural sugar substitutes. Sait used an entire onion, IN ITS SKIN. I’ve added onion to my soups to sweeten, but never thought of using it in my yogi tea. And his tea was delightful. Having had Maureen’s tea, some of us are now using 15 cinnamon sticks instead of 5 or 6 because hers was so fantabulous.  No matter the version, by talent, or by grace, each batch is incredible.English: cinnamon bark Cinnamomum verum. Franç...

Ok enough. We would love you to join us. Bring friends. As I said earlier, it’s not nice to keep something good to yourself.

This Sunday, February 5
8:15-9:00 AM chant followed by yogi tea time
bring your own mug (BYOM)
bring your own meditation cushion or mat (BYOMC)
Las Manos Gallery
5220 N. Clark St.
(just north of Foster on the west side of street. pay-to-parking is ample)

ONE MORE THING: this Sunday, after tea time, we are going a few doors down to Icosium for a yummy Algerian Crepe breakfast. $6 per entree, one extra dollar if you want it to be gluten free.

With love,
Savitree Kaur
for Urban Yoga Chicago

Communication for Pure Presence

At Pure Presence, between me, Tricia & Jenilyn, we had agreed to post weekly. So far we’ve posted one this month, thanks to Jenilyn, and the topic that we’ve dedicated for this month is Communication. None of us have called each other on the missing posts. Isn’t that a riot?

Once upon a time when I worked in corporate, one of my fellow associates shared with me the story about his daughter who hid her report card from him in fear of the consequences. He said to her, “the sign of maturity is in one’s ability to share bad news.” To this day, I have carried those words with me, and they have nudged and guided me, because I really want to be mature, most of the time.

For me, I find it challenging to share even good news, like the gifts I see in others. Have you ever tried expressing to another person your acknowledgment or gratitude for him or her?

What is hard to communicate is revealing anything that let’s another person in. Usually it’s the thing that makes me really uncomfortable and offers me little idea where this risk is going to take me. It makes me fear death of some sort because the feeling is, I am not going to survive this. Yet paradoxically, when I can pull away from my drama and witness what is really going on with me, I see that this very act of communicating brings me to life. I go into Pure Presence, and obstacles begin to dissolve. Even if the result is not what I hoped for, I feel fully and everything is flowing inside of me.The Universe takes over and gifts me with blessings my analytical mind could never conceive.

Tricia- you’re up next week.