Meditation for Prosperity

Here’s a simple 3 minute meditation to open up the neural pathways and meridians to take in the external world, digest it, identify, metabolize, and make yours what serves you, let go of what doesn’t, and experience prosperity. 40 days to create a habit. 90 days to confirm it. 120 days to make it whoContinue reading “Meditation for Prosperity”

Dear Sadhana and You (my community), thanks for the forklift. Sincerely, needed it.

I borrowed this slightly revised title from a newsletter I wrote last Spring about an all day meditation course called White Tantric Yoga (WTY), and I thought, this is totally what I am feeling right now about my morning Sadhana practice!   WTY is known as “the spring cleaning of the subconscious mind.” In Chicago, this eventContinue reading “Dear Sadhana and You (my community), thanks for the forklift. Sincerely, needed it.”

Tune In + Closing Mantra

These two videos are dedicated to students who are starting out in their own personal practice in the privacy of their own home and without the teacher in the studio. First, congratulations! In this tradition, we like to say, “Wahe Guru!” Please email me with questions regarding this practice anytime. Tuning in with the Adi MantraContinue reading “Tune In + Closing Mantra”

Japji 25th Pauree for Wealth & Prosperity

When chanted eleven times, each pauree in Japji produces a certain effect. This one is for prosperity and fulfillment of all of your needs. I’ve chanted this once through so that you may get the pronunciation of it, along with the transliteration so that you may follow along visually. Until I figure out how toContinue reading “Japji 25th Pauree for Wealth & Prosperity”

This Sunday: Chanting, Yogi Tea and Icosium Kafe

One of the challenges to finding something you really really love can be finding a way to share it with others. And we want to share what we love because (a) we need the community support to continue being with it, what, with all the demands on our time, and (b) we know others willContinue reading “This Sunday: Chanting, Yogi Tea and Icosium Kafe”

How to do Sat Kriya

Yes, I’m doing it again. For only 40 days this time… To those of you who are joining me, I am very excited to be doing this together! This kriya is quite special. I won’t say more. Below are instructions on how. I have taken this directly from the KRI International Teacher Training Manual LevelContinue reading “How to do Sat Kriya”