Support is all around us. I learned to receive it.

One woman said that my tone was silly, uncomfortable, and didn’t reflect who I really was, and that she was a little embarrassed for me as she watched the video. If I only received feedback like the second one, I’d question if I was pushing myself to the edge. The first one was definitely harder to swallow for sure, but made the second one that much sweeter. I can’t discount either because neither came from fear, scarcity, or trolling energy

It is what it is…

There are memories in my mind, proof in photos, and even in conversations with those that shared the same dreams with me. Sometimes the bad feels bad because I feel like I should miss that dream more than I do. I’ve learned to trust that this is yet another pivotal moment that I’m supposed to be a part of, and I get to decide how.

My body, my mind, my awareness

I always recognize the pain in my body first before my mind catches on. My mind is more desensitized. Which means, when I ignore my body signals, my awareness around that topic or event dulls, and by the time my mind catches up to it, it gets stuck and enmeshed in the fear and scarcity of letting go, or in the shame of my complicity,

Feedback puts you (back) on track

I make mistakes all the time, and sometimes I want to defend myself, but I don’t. No reason to explain why I can’t get it right…that’s really not the point, and I know that. Though as I write this, what hit me is that I can commit harder. I only hadn’t because… wait for it… “it doesn’t affect me.”

Vision for tomorrow? What about vision for today?

The question I find more compelling is, what do I want my life to look like today?
I look to what’s bothering me. It gives me a clue into my own attitudes about myself and about the world as well as what’s causing me the most pain. I believe that each of our personal angst is special. It prompts us to become change agents for our own unique sh%#, and in that, not only can we find our way out, we become unique experts in them.

Giving my anxiety a moment of attention so it stops nagging

Anxiety is my mind imagining something chaotic happening to me in the future that I won’t look at more closely today. Instead I dwell in the torture of that wild chaotic dream. Once I look at it, however, my anxiety dissipates. So when I feel anxious about something, I stop, and I ask myself, whatContinue reading “Giving my anxiety a moment of attention so it stops nagging”