Regenerate and rock your work

Get fresh air. Play. Find laughter. Serve the people around you. Get in touch with your sadness and let your tears flow. Let things go, you’ll be okay. Know why you’re letting things in. Stay hydrated. Find your humanity. At the end of her podcast called Unlocking Us, Brene Brown asks every guest a numberContinue reading “Regenerate and rock your work”

Feeling powerless

Self care is how you take your power back. – Lalah Delia We are powerless to control what happens outside of us. But self care. It’s what brings us back to life. It’s what will nourish us and fill our reserves for when we need it most. It’s also what works immediately. All the goodContinue reading “Feeling powerless”

Waste not want not

As I keep up with some of the experiences people are sharing during physical distancing, what struck me is how much less food we are wasting. As we limit our visits to the store, we are identifying and enjoying first all that we have in our kitchen. We are finding that our kitchen holds moreContinue reading “Waste not want not”

What Self Care really looks like

My 16 year old daughter teaches me so much on many levels. This is Labor Day Weekend– a long weekend to soak up the last bit of summer before school starts back up for good. What does she do?  On Friday night, while I was out and trying to check in with her, she doesContinue reading “What Self Care really looks like”