private sessions

Strengthen your inner compass and your boundaries while expanding your capacity for intimacy and love in all of your relationships, but first with yourself. Delve deeper. Feel better in your own skin and about your day when you wake up in the morning.

Tools will include any combination of the following: yoga & meditation*, journaling, and lifestyle prescriptions based in Ayurveda’s 3 tenets for good health: a balanced mind-body constitution, a discerning mind, and bliss.

We start with your current and ideal situation, and then come up with a plan. I act as your wellness partner, support system, and accountability coach, bringing focus to your gifts to help expand deeper into your higher Self. Inquire here.

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*Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is physical meditation. It puts the practitioner under pressure, challenging one’s physical, mental and emotional endurance and asks one to tap into his/ her inner capacities. It helps to bring out the strength, will, surrender and radiance of an individual. This technology is what brings the accumulation of stress, or root cause of many complaints, up and out. It looks to balance the energy centers of the body and to strengthen what we call the ten bodies (the physical body, 3 mental bodies – negative, positive and neutral, and the 6 energy bodies). It also works to balance the nervous system, glandular system, and recode negative mental chatter that can sabotage the best of intentions.