kundalini yoga & meditation

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is practiced in series of movements and breath exercises that create mental and physical endurance, reduce stress, and build core strength. It is a holistic experience that awakens mind, body and spirit. Each exercise is performed for an extended period of time (often 1-4 minutes) to recalibrate all the systems of the body and give clarity of mind. Chanting is used to regulate the breath, focus the mind, change negative self-talk, uplift and connect us to ourselves and others. Kundalini Yoga is a lifelong practice that has tremendous health benefits, increases one’s overall sense of well-being and connects us to something greater than who we think we are. It strengthens our nervous system and connects us to our inner compass so that we may navigate this Earth comfortable in our own skin. With regular practice, it fosters inner peace and equanimity. It guides us to our authentic, no bulls**t Self.

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benefits/ key words: stress-reduction, inner peace, equanimity, increased lung capacity, core strength, mental & physical endurance, sense of oneness, expanded sense of self, clarity of mind, connection