The WHY in motivation

It’s dangerous to become rote in certain things, because it doesn’t help in remembering why we are doing them. The true meaning of our actions disappear, creating bondage in our shoulds instead of finding liberation in our actions.

A close friend once shared how much resistance she had towards doing a certain 3-minute meditation, and how long those minutes stretched to forever. That certain meditation is for cultivating prosperity, so I asked, “What is your resistance to prosperity?” And she essentially said, “Oh, I didn’t look at it that way.”

Having practiced that meditation myself, I totally get how long those 3 minutes could feel. At face value, no 3-meditation magically pours “prosperity” over you each day you practice them without making additional shifts, but they do trigger and open access to the internal powers we have that’s been buried under social programming.

Understanding that we were doing the meditation to open that up is a different motivation than doing it because we’ve committed to a 3 minute meditation.

Harnessing your WHY carries you forward. Not just in meditation, but in life. If it doesn’t, perhaps the WHY needs to be revisited.

Wishes and beliefs

It helps to know the difference. We have wishes, desires and yearnings. If they come from a place of scarcity or a sense of unattainability, they point to beliefs that are different from reaching for something that is paired with a sense of “if I do this, I can get there.”

Beliefs have teeth. They are what our actions align with, even if different from our desires. Observe what yours are. Knowing them may help reveal why realizing desires in some areas of your life is more difficult than in others.

The most important guideline for good digestion

There are 3 major guidelines for good digestion: The What, the When, and the How.

Did you know that the most important of the 3 is the HOW?

Digestability depends most importantly on your body’s ability to move the blood flow to the stomach to do it’s job of breaking down the food, mining it for nutrients, and effectively getting rid of the rest. When the HOW puts us in stress, which includes stress over eating and anything else that invites an unsettling emotion, it takes the energy it needs to break down the foods elsewhere so that it can deal with the flight or fight that’s been triggered.

Turn off the news. Take a moment to bless the food for its sustenance, take a few deep breaths, enjoy the colors, textures and aroma of the food. Take it in through gratitude before taking it in through the mouth. Chew your food. Feel that your food has found its way down the esophagus before picking your fork back up for the next bite. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you for it.

This one important practice will slow down your eating and amplify the flavors of the bounty in front of you. It will make you more productive afterwards, more able to digest life, and bring you closer to your essential nature.

Trust your intuition

Take a chance. You are guaranteed to make mistakes, and that’s okay.

Imagine if we got disappointed in our little toddler who is learning to walk every time she falls… or even had her not take the risk because she will most certainly fall. Ridiculous, right?

The more you practice trusting yourself, the stronger your intuition will become.

The more you practice not trusting yourself, the better you’ll get at it (not trusting yourself, that is).