We create networks when we have kids. But what about one for our inner children?

When we start having kids, we start making efforts to reach out and get together with other new parents. Going from no kids to having kids, depending on our personality, this can feel like a lot of work, but we all do it because we need the support. It gets easier, and we start scheduling playdates and share babysitting duties without a second thought. It becomes a part of our operating system. We know it’s worth the effort.

But what about for your inner child? Where is your network of support? You know this isn’t luxury because your inner child runs the show more than you’d like to give credit, and it’s making your days crazy. It keeps you small and afraid. It shuts you down. You feel alone.

Globally, we are under a lot of stress and heart-break. Our anger is tearing us apart. Both social and conventional media tap into our fears. They make us good consumers and addicts. They divide and distract us from feeling connected and keep us from coming together at a deeper level. They keep us needy for validation, but we won’t validate each other.

This is where a spiritual community comes in. By that, I mean a group of people that work to connect at the soul level, introspect, be vulnerable, heal (everyone has healing work to do; not everyone knows it), find an elevated sense of connection with the world, and work on themselves to change the world around them.

We need support, and it’s worth the effort. It’s worth the effort to plug in to where we can remember that we’re not alone; where we uplift rather than compete with each other. Where we remember that we’re more than okay. Where we develop tools to both self-soothe and be of service to one another. Where we find purpose, strength, courage, and support to move through and conquer life. Together.

Published by Savitree Kaur

I'm a meditation and mindset coach. I teach you to use morning meditation and daily habits to bring purpose and energy into your life.

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