Being real

…is sharing how you truly feel
with consideration, kindness and compassion, and
without betraying yourself.

How to tell?

It’s in your truest of intentions.

Sometimes what needs to be said may not feel kind and compassionate, but you know it is. Boundaries are a real thing. It doesn’t look demeaning or judging. If it does, take a moment to work that out because that’s something else happening to protect how you truly feel.

Sometimes what needs to be said is scary as hell because you are afraid others will disapprove. Take the chance. That hold-back is a self-betrayal, and that’s the worst kind of disapproval. And you want to know who you are surrounding yourself with. It’s okay. When you put yourself out there, the rest is less about you and more about them. You are fine. They’ve gotta work that out.

Sometimes what needs to be said – how you truly feel – is pure gratitude. Share it, because people need to hear it in a bad way. That sort of love grows like wildfire, and that’s the kind of wildfire the world needs.

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