How are your relationships faring?

It’s in everyone’s face right now with the lock-down. Whether we are sequestered with or without someone close to us, this has highlighted the dynamics of our relationships. With this much time together or apart, we are undergoing the ultimate stress test, and we get to take this opportunity to see what we are made of, what they are made of, what’s working and what it not, stripped of the distractions of the world of dining, sports, shopping, theatre, travel, and events.

We get to finally find out how our differences and similarities served us in our relationships. If we were just starting to get to know someone we wanted to know better before the lock-down, we now get to see how we have been approaching relationship building by looking at the attitude we have with this obstacle before us. Some of us get to see what it means to sustain something that was inherently a lot of work to sustain pre-covid. And all of us get to see what was keeping it all going.

As things get revealed to us, we get to look to our values, see where we might need to adjust in our own relationship to relationships, assess how we communicate and work with others, as well as our personal boundaries and neediness, and make some hard choices. Sometimes that decision has to do with whether or not we remain with the other person. Sometimes -and this is even harder – it’s about looking in the mirror. As they saying goes, wherever you go, there you are.

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