Setting the tone for the day

Start the morning early.
Drink warm water (good for elimination and hydration).
Go to the bathroom. Take care of your hygiene.
Refrain from going to your inbox and turning on the news.
Drink warm water (you could add lemon, it’s a good alkalizer).
Meditate. Move and stretch the body.
Drink warm water (good for digestion).
Journal. Read something inspiring that opens the mind. Contemplate. Get your expressive juices flowing.
Have a light breakfast. Juice, make a smoothie, have some consommé or oatmeal.
When you start your day with warm water, meditation, movement, and self-expression, you may find it easier to hold off on coffee.
Get one important thing done that isn’t in reaction or response to someone else first thing in the morning (say I’ll get to it later). For some of you, this may have to do with your finances, for others, writing, and for others, look to what’s on our desk that you’ve put off.

Drink warm water.
Go to your inbox. Whatever you do from here is okay.
Because you’ve started the day with self-care, what you do the rest of your day won’t feel as disruptive to your soul. It won’t feel as frustrating.

Keep the following in mind to stay anchored:

Have lunch at lunchtime.
Think about someone else (self-care brings forth service w/o depletion).
Connect with peers or a mentor (don’t isolate).
Enjoy an early dinner.
Review your schedule for the following day just before you start your bedtime routine.
Get to bed relatively early.
Don’t let the phone put you to sleep. You might try focusing on long deep breathing instead.

Published by Savitree Kaur

I'm a meditation and mindset coach. I teach you to use morning meditation and daily habits to bring purpose and energy into your life.

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