No one prepares us to step into the unknown

Yet it seems like it’s those that do that experience all the breakthroughs.

With loving intention, we teach our children to play it safe. Because safe gets them a guaranteed paycheck, health benefits, and people that nod and smile with approval. It’s not to say that taking a job that would offer our parents a great sigh of relief is bad. In fact, we feel blessed when what we choose in our lives can give them that peace of mind. The question is, do we know why we are choosing it? Are we doing it for them or, does it come from our own real choice? And once we are there, does the way we do our work, or live our life resonate with us? There is integrity in fiscal responsibility and consideration for others, but do we feel like we are selling our soul for it? Is there another way?

School (hopefully) makes us literate in reading, writing, and math. It does not prepare us to take risks, break rules, think for ourselves, and be okay with ourselves when other’s aren’t. We aren’t taught to be literate in ourselves. Yet, these are the qualities necessary for true, all-around success and good mental and physical health.

While we hope that one day schools can find a way to teach our children these softer, critical skills, we can’t wait for it. We need to become self literate, and we need to show our children by example. It’s not about feeling good by just reading about it. This literacy requires continuous life practice stepping into the unknown and risking the rejection and failure that we are so afraid of. Otherwise we fail ourselves by rejecting who we are and the inner voice that seems to be creating the conflict through our denial. Let’s understand that it’s hard, and it’s scary, because we weren’t prepped for this at all. Let’s decide to prep for it now, and start breaking through the invisible cage into the open world of infinite potential that we are.

Published by Savitree Kaur

I'm a meditation and mindset coach. I teach you to use morning meditation and daily habits to bring purpose and energy into your life.

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