Help desk: when you are tired

Do you remember the computer helpdesk? You’d call support by phone, and the first question they always started with is, is your computer plugged in? And they’d run down the list from there based on your problem.

Here are a list of questions to run down when you are tired:

Did you get enough sleep? If you are constantly tired, you need 8 hours.
What is the quality of your breath? Inhale past the diaphragm, expanding on the inhale, lengthening the spine on the exhale.
Are you are drinking enough water? Make it room temp to hot.
How much caffeine and sugar are you consuming? Reduce it; it may suck in the beginning, as you probably know.
When are you getting up and going to bed? Are you napping? Doing what you need to do to get up rested by 6 am will serve you tremendously over the long term. Nap only if your mind constitution is more anxious and less lethargic.
Are you exercising? This, too, may suck in the beginning if you aren’t. Once your body surrenders to it, it craves it.
What are you eating? How are you eating? Food gives you immediate feedback. Pay attention.
How are you pooping? This is often the first sign of indigestion and getting sick.
How much of what you are doing in your day are you fighting? This sort of inner conflict is exhausting; it may be worth finding a way to align yourself to your Truth, as scary as this may feel.
How much of your day are you hiding from with distractions? You’ll start playing the shame, blame, and justification game.
Does your body remember play? Enough not to make reason to stay away from it?

Even a slight shift in any direction can make a change for the better or worse. If you are paying attention, your choices will tell you almost immediately if they are the right ones.

Published by Savitree Kaur

I'm a meditation and mindset coach. I teach you to use morning meditation and daily habits to bring purpose and energy into your life.

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