We work from our past

Let’s use it to our advantage. We know we look to it, and we know it shapes us. We also know that our memories are not the most accurate, and we’ve reshaped them to be what they are today. It’s the reason why my sister and I can share stories of our past, having lived in the same household, and wonder if in fact we grew up in the same household.

We tend to focus on the stuff that limit us, or where things (we, or others) went wrong. As if this is the responsible and productive thing to do. But what it does is have us believing we aren’t enough, we aren’t deserving; that we are victims, and when we come from that place, we can’t act in accordance with our higher selves, nor can we receive the gifts and joys that come our way (which they do, more frequently than one might believe), at least without feeling like they are on loan.

People that have money make it with greater ease because having it is in their reality so they don’t question it. People that didn’t have it growing up and make it don’t carry the weight of the tempting story of its unattainability, laboriousness, and the magic formula paired with the right emotions needed to make it. Nor do they question whether they should accept it. The very same goes with relationships and the company we surround ourselves in.

How would things change if we focused on what we have? On what we love, what makes us feel good beyond the split moment, what nourishes us and makes us feel connected? How would the experiences of our relationships shift if we saw the best in all?

When we can spend more time focusing on what creates joy in our lives, we can see more of it, we necessitate more of those things to show up (because the Universe seems to make our deepest truest thoughts right), and because we don’t energy drain on the shortcomings we’ve made to be true, we don’t shackle ourselves with questions of our self worth and whether or not we are deserving. We just show up, we serve, we ask, we smile from a more cellular level, and we receive and integrate what’s coming to us without questioning that reality.

So let’s create a more wealthy, fun, and happy habit of looking to the past at what’s connected and nourished us, and what’s brought us joy. Let’s look to how the people in our lives have done the best that they could, and still do, given the tools that they’ve had. Let’s focus on those things, because those things strike cords in us that vibrate in a way that feels resonant with prosperity. We’ve got to resonate with it in order to fully receive it: the connection, abundance, good health, digestion, sleep/relaxation, the thoughtfulness and generosity of others. Let’s trust this, and call on it, with 2020 clarity.

Published by Savitree Kaur

I'm a meditation and mindset coach. I teach you to use morning meditation and daily habits to bring purpose and energy into your life.

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