You learn who you are in practice not in theory.

–David Epstein

Many of us dwell in our headspace for too long. The danger in that is that our imaginations don’t often know how to see beyond our initial inspiration or idea without some follow-up action. We become discouraged because we don’t realize our experiences are often relative to where we are going. We want to know the answers first, and where it’s going to take us, and that route often isn’t clear (if ever). So we stay in theory because action (practice) doesn’t seem practical when in fact, it is the most practical. It’s in the word, and it’s how we find out what we are truly made of, and what resonates with us.

I find that the more I trust in the process and move, the more effectively I chisel out of my clayed-up ego self and into the trimmed, more shapely version of who I truly am.

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