Live your life in the best way that you possibly can

and stop trying to do it for others.

Inspiration is powerful, and we can only inspire to the extent that we live our own lives. And, we can only inspire when others are open to being inspired. We have control over the former and none over the latter.

When our focus is on how we can change others (aka judging), it robs us of the opportunity to honestly connect. By living our own best, and letting others do the same in their own way and on their own time, we offer the gift of something we all need as humans: to be accepted and understood as we are.

Let others get where they need to go on their own terms, giving them the same courtesy you expect. They might come to you if and when they need help, and if you are meant to be their source of inspiration. So let it go. Love and respect their process, and live your life.

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