Your best medicine is right action

By right action, I mean action that is in line with the deepest, truest part of who you are.

I love this because as a person raised (and recovered) from Christian faith, I had trouble with the word sin and the set of rules externally set by its institutions and then self-enforced through fear. There doesn’t necessarily need to be self-reflection nor self-awareness; just obedience to something externally referred.

I’ve been blessed to have found a teacher (based in Christian faith) that repositioned sin to mean taking action that is not in alignment with one’s Truth.

This is a critical shift in definition because it asks me to turn inward and to learn what my Truth is, and then to act on that (or not to act on something I might have historically re-acted on). It asks me to become self-aware, self-obedient, and self-referred.

I want to focus on the word action now. Often we don’t act on those things that we should because we are so busy re-acting to all of our external references. Right action (self-referred action) digs you out of the tamasic mind whose nature is self-doubt, confusion, lethargy, existential anxiety, anger, and polarity. Right action is responsible all the way around. It is ultimately light, relieves suffering, and it is incredibly connective.

You have the power to decide that you are tired of suffering and to figure out how to shift into right action. Take it slowly. It’s your fastest way there. Start with what’s easier for you: whether it’s how you take action in your day, in your sleep habits, or in your diet and exercise. Each part supports or sabotages right action. It all matters. You will either decide to elevate the vibratory frequency of your body to encourage a more right-action oriented sattvic mind (light, clear, joyful, conscious, unified, trusting, intuitive), or lower it to be able to resonate with, and completely justify, the temptations of the more primal orientation of tamas and it’s suffering. Meditate on it. Take time during your day to self-reflect on the choices you are making to decide to raise or lower that frequency to assist you in staying where you are or elevating yourself out of that stuck-ness.


Published by Savitree Kaur

I'm a meditation and mindset coach. I teach you to use morning meditation and daily habits to bring purpose and energy into your life.

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