Dear Spiritual Community, thanks for the forklift

I wrote this twice back in 2013. Once in April, addressing it to White Tantric Yoga, and then again in November, addressing it to Sadhana. The elevation, the launch, the inspiration, and forklift that I experience being in it with all of you, through the practice, the celebrations and struggles, knowing that none of us is alone, and that we have access to the resources that we truly need, makes me realize how truly blessed I am – we all are – to have each other. So now, I want to address this to you, my Urban Yoga community. 

As I often take a moment to reflect on my blessings, what often comes up for me is my spiritual community, and the world of difference that having a support system makes in our lives.

We celebrate each other, and we hold each other up. We help each other see what we need to see, and this includes our blind spots as well as our super spots. Our friends are there to uplift us; to show us what we are capable of, and to hold us in that space. We can worm and wriggle, because it may be uncomfortable, but deep down we know that we are worming and wriggling our Selves into our greatness.

True, we can only look to ourselves to make us whole, no one can do that for us, but that connection to others absolutely makes a difference. So much, that it is said that we can only go as far as the 5 people closest to us.

Experiencing pain is a part of being human. The question is, while you are in it, while you are sad, heartbroken, confused, afraid, or angry, do you know that you are still perfect in your unique, delicious way? If yes, then go into your human-ness and feel what you feel knowing that your feelings do not define you. If you have self-doubt, then reach out. Connect with the people that show up for you and hold you high. Because their vision for you is Truth.

There are many ways to get a powerful boost for elevation. But we need is each other to keep it going.

Published by Savitree Kaur

I'm a meditation and mindset coach. I teach you to use morning meditation and daily habits to bring purpose and energy into your life.

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