What’s your excuse for not practicing (yoga)?

I, too, fall behind and procrastinate on things, so the list of excuses below is not out of judgment, nor without empathy. The beginning of recovery is to own it, and I am happy to be the first to begin:

My child is sick. 
I’m not feeling well. 
When the malaise disappears, I’ll start. 
I feel great. I can totally see how this can help those that don’t.
I’m behind on my project, which was due yesterday. 
My project is done and I’m exhausted. Give me a week to recoup.
Another project!
I’m leaving town.
I’m tired. I had no sleep last night.
I’ve got so much energy, I need to take advantage of it to get everything done for other people. 
I have out of town guests. 
After this month, once the craziness is over, I’ll come back. 
I’m going to this meet-up on how to jumpstart my career, life, relationship, finances; I’ll be back once it’s all mapped out. 
I just ate. I need time to digest.
I’m hungry. I need to eat first. 
Meeting after meeting after meeting…
OMG, I need it so bad. I’ll show up. Soon. I promise. 
That’s just too crazy early. 
It’s right in the middle of the day and I can’t get anything else done if I do it then. 
It’s too late, and I’m tired then. 
I’m just not motivated right now (I give up).
I’m so busy. I don’t know how to fit it in.
You know when you don’t have a lot going on, it’s hard to do anything? That’s where I am. 
I don’t know where to start. 
I can’t practice at home; there are people in the house and I don’t want to disturb them. And my children won’t let me. 
My shoulder hurts.
My knee hurts. 
My back hurts. 
I’m taking care of other people right now. I’ll have to wait. 
I’m broke. (Hey, should I bring a bottle of wine to the potluck?)
I’m broke. (Wanna meet at Starbucks tomorrow afternoon?) 
I had to get my tax stuff together for my accountant. It was a mess.
When everything falls into place, that’s when I will do it.  

All legit, if we decide that they are. 

When you are ready to make You happen, look up: support is all around you. And consider adopting the following instead:

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important….   (Audre Lorde)

….whether I am busy. Because taking care of me will streamline my life.
….whether I am distracted. Because this practice will focus me.
….whether I am tired. Because this practice will energize me. 
….whether I am hungry. Because this practice will feed me.   
….whether I have family that demand constant attention. Because I lead self-care by example. 

Because at the end of the current crazy, new crazy happens, so why delay Me?
Because when out-of-town guests happen, I need to happen first. 
Because my mental, physical, and spiritual health is my wealth.
Because I matter. 

With love, grit, and gratitude,
Savitree Kaur



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