There are two edges. To which do you edge?

One we call a slope. The other, an edge.

Knowing your slippery slopes are important.

Knowing where your edge is is important.

Self-care isn’t in search of comfort. It’s in search of sustained joy. There’s a big difference between comfort and joy.

Sustained joy comes from our continuous evolution, which is gained from balancing stepping into discomfort to make things better and honoring our current capacities. It harnessess gratitude with potential. We often pull back too soon and loiter in the lingering zone too long until our minds slip into existential anxiety, depression, upset, complacency, and angst.

Know your slippery slope. We all have different slopes. It’s critical to move from that edge where you fall into slumber to the edge of the unknown. Insisting on dwelling in familiarity just isn’t worth it.

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