My son found out that senior kundalini yoga teachers are real people too.

We just finished our kundalini yoga teacher training course for 2019, and our lead trainer stayed at my place on her last night in town to avoid the Chicago marathon roadblocks on her way out to the airport the next morning.

We had breakfast together before taking her to O’Hare Airport, and my son joined us for the meal. He got to hear stories of her literal dreams, her translations of them, and her personal experiences with friends, studio owners and marriage. Her stories were funny, profound, and spicy. He was very tired from a late night coming to the breakfast table, but this perked him right up. He seemed pleasantly surprised by experiencing a more personal side to yet another senior teacher we’ve brought in.

It made me think. What are our assumptions about people? In this case, about spiritual teachers? And by having those assumptions, what do we miss when we are with them, or by not connecting with them due to those assumptions?

My son reminded me of young children who are shocked to find out that their grade school teachers actually leave, or live outside of, the school…

Spiritual teachers don’t levitate. But they do elevate (ideally). They have karma to live out like everyone else on Earth, and they get to decide how to play them out. They make mistakes too, and hopefully, with the added benefit of being on a spiritual path that makes conscious and intentional communications and relationships a part of their lifelong commitment, they use their life lessons to become lighthouses of inspiration and relativity.

Our lead trainer was exactly that instead of someone who takes herself too seriously, and instead of looking for opportunities to find a lesson to teach the person in front of her. She just shared her story in a personally impersonal manner. Very real but not attached or laden with hooks to enroll us to one side or against another. My son got to see a full human being who demonstrated another way of sharing things spicy.

To see other ways to relate and communicate and be so human is such a gift. I have learned that we can reject the more hurtful and judging way, that there are always inspiring ways to being out there, and that we need to find and surround ourselves with them. They can be found right in front of us when we drop the assumptions about them. Every person is a real person with real experiences, including yes, the spiritual teachers.

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