You know the anticipation of it is much worse than the real thing

The longer we prolong the doing, and the more we dread it, the worse the pre-experience.

By getting super creative with what could go wrong, we can potentially sabatoge what could have gone better. Or at the very least, we buy ourselves additional dread time until we realize it wasn’t so bad.

Even if reality isn’t so great, even if the pain to come is real, the anticipation of it is worse, because this anticipation is worry, and worry is imagination gone wrong, putting focus on the worst possible outcomes, while reality calls for pure presence and real action. The former puts us through hell while the latter can pull us through.

Almost every time before I get on the cardio machine, or before I drop to the floor for stretch pose (core work), the dread tries to sneak in. It’s NEVER as bad as I imagined it. In fact, I feel pretty good afterwards. Same with communicating something difficult to someone. Even if it doesn’t turn out well, now I know, and I can make an actual decision from there.

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