Today is the last day of my life. Where does this take me?

This morning, I was in the middle of my stretching in the supine position, half there and half somewhere else. As I was looking for a way to make this daily practice more alive, I thought to myself, “today is the last day of my life.”

I awoke.

I’m pretty sure my eyes were more open. And it felt as though my skin, my largest organ, was more open and alive.

And I thought, it could be the last day. One day it will be true.

It didn’t make me think I would rather be doing something else, I should go back to sleep. After all it was 5:30 am, and I had been up for an hour already. It made me think, actually, I want to be doing this. I want this moment to say that I love myself, and I am here with myself. That’s why I’m on this mat, because this truly takes care of my day.

I put more care and intimacy in the moment during this morning’s practice. No ego, just love, and it was good.

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