Small shifts are BIG.

Start with the small things.

Slow down. Stop multi-tasking. There is no true return on investment on the time you “save.” It just feeds your ego.

Drink water (room temp to warm). Add lemon.

Smile. Gently. It doesn’t have to be big. For a moment let the thoughts go and smile until you feel it in your body.

Where our mind goes matters. If the Dalai Lama stood in front of you right now, your mind would elevate. If the politician you don’t agree with (or even one that you do agree with) stood in front of you right now, it would do something different. Even if the latter inspires you, the energy and quality of inspiration is different. If a gossiper stood in front of you, your mind goes somewhere different.

But no one has to be standing in front of you. Be discerning with your thoughts. Bring your mind to what elevates, what strengthens you immediately, because something does. When you let it slip, you slip. This is a muscle to exercise.

And if you really want to push the envelope and treat yourself, do just one thing really hard today. It doesn’t have to be big. Just challenging for you. Push the envelope, or finish something, once a day.

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