Syncing to the new rhythm of Fall

The Summer and Winter Solstices, and the Fall and Spring Equinoxes, are times in the year when the rhythms of nature change. Today is the Fall Equinox, and around this time, there is a change in weather, harvest happens, leaves start changing colors, kid’s go back to school, Fall festivals ensue, and we can feel the energy shift from Summer-to-Fall.

We are biologically a part of this rhythm, and as such, we flow better by adjusting ourselves to this shift with our schedules and our diet. The more we can align ourselves to the rhythms of nature, the less stress we will experience.

This is a good time to harvest what we sowed. Whether we judge them to be bad or good, embrace all of it as a part of this life’s experience out of which wisdom emerges. We can reflect on what we’ve sowed over this past year, own our decisions and experiences, figure out what we need to bring balance to our lives, and decide what comes next. Tie up loose ends and finish up projects to catapult forward without the added weight.

We can look to these times – the Solstices and Equinoxes – as opportunities to stop, adjust to the shifts that come with each season, catch ourselves from going on auto-pilot, and make sure that what we are doing is what we want to be doing. Just as blueberries grow in early spring and summer and not in the Fall, we operate similarly. Look inward to see what grows in you during this time and what wants to rest.

As the Fall Equinox is a day of equal day and night, we can use this opportunity to equally embrace our shadow shelf and our light. Without fully embracing our shadow, we can’t fully embrace our light.

As the amount of sun light hours decreases, let’s tap into the light that is within. Meditate.

Prepare for the cooler months. Strengthen the nervous system. Recommit to your yoga practice.

Align with the natural rhythms through simple breath techniques and through mantra. The breath connects us to the Universal rhythm. It is the bridge between our physical body and our Soul. Mantra uses our vocal chords to vibrate the sound codes that connect us to our expanded, Universal Self.

One practice is to inhale deeply and chant Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jio 8 times all in one exhale. This uses sound while using the breath to expand the pranic body and lung capacity. Try it for 3-11 minutes.

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