When do we decide to open up to working and relating differently?

Obstacles might be a message that it wasn’t meant to be. But they could also be a way of slowing you down and asking you if you really want what you are looking at. Because if you do, you’ll need to figure out how to move through them. You might need to reinvent yourself a little bit; to take a good look at your auto-responses and decide if they still really work for you.

Do you really want this? Or do you only want it if it’s fast and easy?

This could pertain to a project you are working on or to a relationship.

Must things meet your logic to make sense? Or are you open to broadening your view? You might look to the commonalities in your hardships and frustrations, past and present. The Universe might be saying, “maybe there is a different way to be.” It might be trying to expand your limitations.

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