Flipping to any page in a book, I got: stop being envious of others…

I did that this morning with The Diamond Cutter: The Buddha on Strategies for Managing Your Business and Your Life by Geshe Michael Roach, which I read from cover to cover back in 2002. Some of it definitely went over my head back then.

Here’s where the page opened to, and where my eyes went:

“Business problem #2: Capital investments like manufacturing equipment, computers, or vehicles tend to become quickly outmoded or unreliable…”

“Solution: Stop being envious of other businesspeople and their businesses; concentrate on making your own company innovative, creative, and fun, and don’t be unhappy about the success of others.”

This morning as I read this, I extended “business related” message to how it may relate to personal life and thought, yes, I can see how this would be the case.

He goes on to share 45 more problems and solutions and they all go this way– not the typical solutions to business problems.

The notion that problems are systemic of something beyond the obvious -generally having to do with the internal point of reference that informs our story, actions, experiences, and results – at some level makes sense to us but alludes most of us in our day to day living. Not looking at the source, however, may point to why all of our issues – of which we’ve decided to divide up into individual issues versus global ones – persist. Perhaps to look at the systemic angle, like this example, could help us get to a better place in the world.

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