Throwing the baby out with the bathwater

At the beginning of my spiritual journey, I used to see my doctor, who was a spiritual teacher to me, on a weekly basis. 
For nearly a year, I was careful not to ask him personal questions. I didn’t want to know anything about him personally because I had him on a pedestal, and I couldn’t afford for him to be human and to disappoint me. I was afraid that if I found a blemish, I’d throw the baby out with the bath water and be unable to see him as a worthy teacher. 
Since then, his blemishes have become just as glorious to me as his wisdoms. They give me opportunity to see what I do in the face of my own triggers when I see them. If I can’t work through my disappointments with those that I consider safe (like my teacher)… with those that hold vision for my excellence, then who can I work them with?
Their blemishes make our teachers more relatable and encouraging. If mine got to be who he is from where he was, them maybe so can I. 

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