To all you spiritual wannabes

Not knowing whether something’s coming from fear or truth might be a prompt…
to ask yourself what you are really about and what you stand for.

Obstacles may not be a sign that something wasn’t meant to be…
Instead, it could be a test of your resolve.

Inhaling in the emotions in an effort to transcend what’s bugging you may not really be going with the flow
It may be an opportunity to see if you are willing to stop, listen, and make yourself vulnerable.

Saying you need to “meditate on it”…
…may not serve as an accurate representation of what meditation really is. Meditation cultivates presence, clarity, the conquering of time, and spontaneous access to truth. It may better serve everyone to just say “I need to think about it.”

To say that “{this person} can really use this practice” to mean anything else but “I can really use this practice…”
…is a distraction.

With spiritual practice comes ownership (aka responsibility). Don’t give it up to “it wasn’t meant to be,” “going with the flow,” and concepts like “Mercury in Retrograde.”

By surrendering to your own self authority and discipline, you own every part of you. The light and shadow side. The Universe isn’t limited by concepts, and it works its power through you. It doesn’t give it away. Only the ego does, paradoxically, in its fierce efforts to feel in control. In order to continue to feel that way, it will convince you that you are flowing when you may be disempowering yourself, and it will tell you that the momentarily easier path is self-care.

Fear exposes the duality of the mind and it is up to you to conquer it. Truth and spirituality has a backbone. It has discernment. It makes decisions. And it stands for something.


Published by Savitree Kaur

I'm a meditation and mindset coach. I teach you to use morning meditation and daily habits to bring purpose and energy into your life.

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