Delving in the realm of possibility

I know that the spiritual and wellness practices that I’ve embraced work. For me. And I’ve witnessed them work for the teachers around me, and I suppose this is why we have chosen this path– because these practices have been a game changer for us, and good things need to be shared, and callings need to be answered.

I’ve had the blessing also to witness transformation in many of my students and private clients. But also, I’ve seen these tools not work for others.

The effects of anything relies on the Doer.

I’ve witnessed Doers work so hard at their practices but unable to detach themselves from their story. One must let go of one branch in order to grab on to the next one.

They say that seeing is believing. In truth, believing is seeing. Our beliefs determine our experiences. It may be that holding on to our old (or current) belief(s) is where we need to be, for now, because there is more experience there to be had… until it is time to let go and experience something else. Then, the realm of possibilities become informed by our willingness to go there.

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